Parent Testimonials

  • "Thank you so much for your efforts to improve the education and well being of our daughter. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to listen to our praises and concerns. Most of all, we are very grateful for the two class teachers, who for the past year and a half have impacted our daughter's growth and learning abilities beyond belief. We are truly blessed to have them in Sammie's life. Thanks to the Management Team of Eldorado Montessori for caring so much about our daughter and her future."

    - William Buckley
  • "We are so glad we choose Eldorado Montessori for our son! The staff is approachable and friendly and the teachers have gone out of their way to make our son feel welcome, safe and involved. In addition, his teachers update us on his school progress and work together with us to develop strategies that will help him develop & mature. We are excited for every new day and challenge. "

    - Celia Cody
  • "Our daughter started going to Eldorado Montessori school in June 2009 (4 mo now). In 4 months she has shown observable improvements in the areas of self reliance, independence and communication. The school management is very cognizant of parent concerns and open to do the right thing for the child. They have always given open and honest feedback with regards to our daughter. This helps us to take the right steps at the right time. Our daughter still has a long way to go but we are optimistic that she will be a responsible future social citizen and are happy that we have found a trustable partner in this goal."

    - Srinivasan Chakrapani
  • "The entire staff of Eldorado Montessori has given our daughter and son an invaluable and loving educational experience. Our daughter Ashley has been attending Eldorado Montessori for over two and a half years and our son Alex has been attending Eldorado Montessori for almost six months. During this time our children have grown to love the caring life-teachers they spend their time with each and every day.

    Our daughter Ashley, who will be five in November, has learned how to count to 100, how to write, about the solar system and can name each planet, the names of all seven continents, including numerous states, cities, cultures, environments, horticulture and more. She has experienced extra-curricular activities like cooking class, art class, dance class, space camp, computer class and various other activities all on-site at Eldorado Montessori. The knowledge Ashley has acquired during the last two and a half years is absolutely incredible in our eyes. we, her parents are extremely impressed with the educational topics introduced to her and her retention of these topics through the caring-encouragement of her teachers at Eldorado Montessori. In addition to this, Ashley has learned how to care for others and herself through daily life-lessons taught at Eldorado Montessori. Although she does have her moments, Ashley is a very caring little girl who says please and thank you with genuine sincerity, she has learned to care about the feelings of her friends and has learned how her actions affect those around her through the loving feedback she received on a daily basis from her teachers. Ashley has learned a variety of social etiquette that will carry her through her young and adult life. We feel the well-rounded education Ashley has experienced will benefit her beyond her short time at Eldorado Montessori.

    We are so impressed with Eldorado Montessori we enrolled our son Alex a short while ago-and although he has only attended Eldorado Montessori for less than six months we can already see the difference. Alex absolutely loves his school and his teachers. During his first month at Eldorado Montessori he learned how to put away his toys, his clothes, his lunch items, and more. He loves to learn, read and play-and although he can't yet speak his admiration for his school. His smile says it all.

    We are very pleased with everything the staff at Eldorado Montessori has taught our children. I only wish our children could attend this wonderful school beyond pre-K as we absolutely love this school. Thank you so much for everything! ."

    - The Galbraith Family
  • "My son was 18 months of age when I first enrolled him at Eldorado Montessori and has been with the school ever since. Before I enrolled him I visited 3 daycare facilities in the area. None of them offered a student oriented approach to development and learning. Moreover, not one of them had a mix of children of different ages in one class. I chose Eldorado Montessori precisely for these reasons. My son has flourished under his teachers care. The fact that he can choose his 'work' during Montessori sessions has strengthened his self-esteem and independence. I have also noticed that he is learning a lot from his older classmates and he has learned how to explain the world around him through his interactions with younger kids in the class.

    The teachers at Eldorado Montessori are dedicated, loving and caring. They seem to know how to motivate my son to comply with the classroom rules, how to reward him and also how to discipline him effectively. This tells me that even though there are approximately 18 children in my son's class, the teachers still find a way to work with each child individually.

    I have seen significant changes around the facility since the new management has taken over Eldorado Montessori. First of all, there is a new surveillance system which not only helps to keep our children safe but also allows parents to sneak-a-peek into our children's life during class activities. That is one of my favorite changes. Second, there is a fully equipped music room. There is also a discovery room in which children have PA classes and in which they hang out when weather keeps them out of the play yards. Third, new procedures of school-parent and teacher-parent communication are in place, such as information board and folders with information from teachers and the school.

    These are just a few examples of many changes that the new management has introduced. Most importantly, however, you can sense and see that the new management has a very clear vision of how to take care of our children and where the school should be in the future. With no doubt I would recommend Eldorado Montessori School to any parent who is looking for outstanding care for their children ."

    - Magdalena Grohman
  • "Eldorado Montessori has helped my very shy daughter open up and be more social. Her teacher is wonderful and very nurturing.."

    - Anna Rosen
  • "My daughter has only been attending Eldorado Montessori for a little over 2 weeks. She has shown a huge improvement at home. She comes home happy and has shared things/lessons learned that day. Her vocabulary impresses us both and we couldn't be happier with our decision to move her from a "Public Daycare Center" to the Eldorado Montessori. We look forward to the future and hope she makes many friends."

    - Rachel Johnson
  • "Our daughter has grown considerably after we enrolled her at Eldorado Montessori. The teachers have endless patients and honestly care about the children. They keep the kids busy and active, stimulating their brains and preparing them for the future. We love having her in this school because we know it is a great environment not only for her brain but for building her character as well. We thank all the teachers and staff that spend time with her, especially her classroom teachers. We highly recommend Eldorado Montessori."

    - Claudia Morris
  • " The world is getting smaller every day. Cultural diversity is an absolute necessity for children of today. Eldorado Montessori serves many purposes for my child. Being exposed to people of different cultures, races, creeds and color is the best environment for my child. He has learned through compassion and teachings not to be afraid to approach a person of color unlike other children who attend a predominately single race school. My child has been exposed to many varieties of cultures and languages. I do believe from the bottom of my heart and through simple observation that this will enable him to succeed in the future. A future filled with people of all origins in America.

    The Montessori environment has proven techniques that even my wife, who was a skeptic at first. Has since repeatedly expressed her overwhelming happiness with our son’s progress and attitude/acceptance towards other children and learning.

    Eldorado Montessori School is by far the best and proves it day after day. But most of all, it’s not the school. It’s the teachers, their attitudes, thoughts and worldly beliefs that help children. Our children are in the hands of these caring teachers. They aren’t there just to earn a pay check. They truly believe in the methodology and can prove the techniques work. They did with our son, who we thought would have to “stay behind” just to catch up.

    Our son got the help and schooling he needed at the time he was learning. Children learn similar to adult learning: experiential. Montessori gives them the confidence to explore and learn, but not only that, they want to learn because they can learn what makes them excited. They experience it. Instead of just memorizing things, they add to their knowledge how it fits in while doing their work.

    My son has shown me things and added comments about items I would have thought wouldn’t be understood much less learned and “comprehended” until grade school. He’s talking about continents in shapes.

    Let us look beyond today and tomorrows “assignments”. What does each of the assignments show and teach the kids? How will they use/apply that information in the future? How do they relate it to the here and now? Seriously, what are your children learning now? Mine started learning at age 3 languages and cultures, and he is now 5 counting past 10 in Spanish not just English. There is no stopping his progress with Eldorado Montessori. The Montessori teaching method and exposure to cultural and higher learning paths go beyond normal learning. It’s what adults try to learn in the corporate culture. Teamwork, cultural diversity, accepting, nurturing and most of all applying their knowledge. We must prepare our children early. While my child attends Eldorado Montessori, I will have no regrets knowing he has self-esteem, he can connect with his world on many levels, he will care more, and will understand we are all here together. He will know the power of love...Diane Loomens. "

    - Vann Campbell